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Rogue Disney

Hey guys
Sorry for not having been so active in forever. Long story short is that my boyfriend dumped me a month ago, and through losing him as a partner and my best friend I have lost other friendships. I had been betrayed to the point where I fell into depression. And I’m still in that blackhole right now. It hurts beyond belief to even listen or see something that is Disney related considering hoe Disney was a huge part of my relationship with Max. But now everytime I see something Beauty and the Beast related, I cant help but feel beyond angry. I was so anxious and depressed through prom and my highschool graduation all because of this shit.

I went from feeling like a princess to wearing rags and feeling worthless. Its hard to look in the mirror and think about how Ariel called me a princess when I met her for the first time this year. Im obviously not worth anything if I was dumped after being cheated on twice.

The worst part is that I am going to Disneyland soon… but Im not even sure if I will be able to handle it.

Im sorry but i just wanted to vent. If anyone has any positive feedback or advice please do not hesitate. Honestly…. I just want to feel like a princess again.

ifellonmyfacetoday Asked:
Is it to late to say I've read the jack sparrow series?

My answer:

where have you been all my life



Genderbend Pocahontas.

I’ve always thought that male!Pocahontas would be a hunter or warrior.

Someone needs to write this asap!

50 Favorite Songs in No Order (#19)→ Belle (Reprise); Beauty and the Beast
“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell.”


Alternate title for The Great Gatsby:

I Am Uncomfortable With Your Personal Drama And I Want To Go Home: The Nick Carraway Story



i will own them all.

So appropriate because I just bought the lion king one. 

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